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CONNECT - Social Economy Career Fair
19 November 2019

Europass at the Day of Apprenticeships
16-17 October 2019

Europass makes transparent
03 October 2019


Employers' week
14-18 October 2019

IVETA Europe Regional Conference
14-15 October 2019


From skills to improvement
25 October 2019

Promotion of professional skills
27-30 October 2019

Brush up your skills
September - October 2019


European Vocational Skills Week
14-18 October 2019


2019 Joint Cedefop and OECD Symposium
7 October 2019

Conference & Exhibition on ICT for Education, Training & Skills Development
23-25 October 2019

2nd BIBB Conference on the Economics of Vocational Education and Training
07-11 November 2019


German Skilled Crafts Performance Championship
13 December 2019


Workshop: Key Competences in Initial Vocational Education and Training
19-20 September 2019


Night of Professions
April 2020

Field Trips Somogy region
14-18 October 2019

II. Professional Open Day
03 October 2019

08-09 October 2019

Field Trips Miskolc Region
October - November 2019

What's up?
September - November 2019

Industry and Vocational Education
16 October 2019


Worcestershire Apprenticeships Awards 2019
14 November 2019

Mantra Learning Apprenticeship Business Breakfast
31 December 2019

The Apprenticeships Conference 2020
April 2020




The event offers potential employees, interns and civil servants in the social economy an overview of fields of work, employers and training opportunities throughout Upper Austria.

FAB Organos is an institution for training and further education as well as offers for educational counselling & personnel development, events and seminars in the vocational and socio-political environment, education for people with disabilities.

The event offers potential employees, interns and civil servants in the social economy an overview of fields of work, employers and training opportunities throughout Upper Austria.


FAB - Verein zur Förderung von Arbeit und Beschäftigung
Muldenstraße 5 4020 Linz, Austria

Date and venue:

CONNECT - Karrieremesse Sozialwirtschaft
Austria, Garnisonstraße 21, Linz

More details and source:
Stockinger Josef
+43 732 6922 5670


The Austrian Europass Centre will take part at the Day of Apprenticeships in October. The event will be visited by around 7,000 young people looking for the right vocational education. At the Europass booth they will receive information on how to best apply for their dream job with the Europass CV and other documents, as well as the opportunities that are open to them as future apprentices in the Erasmus+ programme.

This event gives young people the chance to find the right vocational education/training programme for them. They are able to meet businesses, current apprentices and receive guidance.

The general event is organised by Unidos. The Europass booth is managed by the National Europass Centre in the National Agency Erasmus+, part of the Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research (OeAD-GmbH).

Date: 2019.10.16 - 2019.10.17
Austria, Vienna



Free access to the European labour market. How Europass and Erasmus+ internships can support businesses and employers

The half-day conference starts with a keynote on the transition from education to the labour market, followed by updates from the National Europass Centre and Erasmus+ Vocational Education and Training. After an award ceremony for the winners of the Europass contest "Mobile in Europe" there will be a panel discussion with representatives from notable Austrian businesses, the Austrian Economic Chambers, and an apprentice who participated in the Erasmus+ programme.

The conference clearly targets vocational education and how Europass and the Erasmus+ programme can contribute to educating successful employees.

Date: 2019.10.03., Austria, Vienna

National Europass Centre in the National Agency Erasmus+, part of the Austrian
Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research (OeAD-GmbH).

Source and details:
Alexandra Enzi,, + 43 1 53408 684



The purpose of the activity is to place students at work places directly in the business companies - our school partners. Main activities will be to perform minor tasks within a certain job position under the guidance of the workers and employees; to get acquainted with the requirements of the jobs and the professional fields in accordance with the profession they study at the vocational school; to observe employees work with machines and equipment; to discuss the essentials of each job. Expected outcomes will be that vocational students will test their knowledge and skills acquired at school; they will gain more professional confidence; students will have practical experience and knowledge to help them choose their future jobs.

By visiting the companies students will observe and participate in the work/producing processes and try to perfect their professional skills. They can be motivated to study and train harder. Students will work together with employees in partner companies. They will visit companies together with teachers and trainers. Our school has partner companies in the fieald of transport industry and also accountancy services.

This school year we introduce new professions, connected with spedition and logistics. The purpose of the activity is to place students at work places directly in the business companies. Students will perform minor tasks within a certain job position under the guidance of the workers and employees. They will get acquainted with the requirements of the jobs and the professional fields in accordance with the profession they study at the vocational school. Students will also observe employees work with modern machines and ecquipment and discuss the essentials of each job.

Expected outcomes will be that vocational students will test their knowledge and skills acquired at school; they will gain more professional confidence; students will have practical experience and knowledge to help them choose their future jobs. Parents and families will have more feed back with detailed info at home from their children.Teachers will observe students in work environment. As a result teachers will adapt educational methods to the requirements of businessq so that after graduating students will be ready to immediately join labour market and perform well.

Date and venue: Bulgaria, Razlog, Blagoevgrad area
2019.10.14. - 2019.10.18.

High Vocational School of Transport

Contact and details:
Yordanova Emiliya,, +359888908328


Bridging the Gap Between TVET and Employment

A conference organised by IVETA (European chapter) focusing on how to link TVET provision with employment, with speakers presenting from around the world. This event encourages dialogue, discussion and debate about the fundamental issue of employment for vocational education and training graduates, and related issues.

Organizator: The International Vocational Education and Training Association (IVETA) with Znam i Moga bul.

Date and venue:
2019.10.14. - 2019.10.15
Evlogi i Hristo Georgiev No. 52, 1504 Sofia, Bulgaria

Contact and details:
Shalamanova Rumyana,, +359 2 943 40 55

Come to Sofia, Bulgaria



Presentation of professional papers of teachers who participated in mobility and the maintenance of partner training in vocational education. Presentation of student work on the subject of professional skills in health care. Promotion of the manual resulting from the Erasmus+ project K2. Our goal is to get acquainted with our professional partners, the local community and other high schools about the new trained professional skills through mobility.

There will be lectures, workshops on vocational skills in the EU.

Organizator: Medicinska škola Pula

Date and venue:
2019.10.25., Croatia, Pula

Contact and details:
Šehić Mirhada,, +38598656147


Students and professors will organize publicly opened workshops. They are going to demonstrate their skills related to their´s occupations (florist, agricultural technician, tailor, shoemaker, hairdresser, beautician, painter). Also they will ensure that everybody will be informed properly about VET.

Main goal of workshops is to engage primary school students and their parents for professional education and occupations that are offered in the school.

Also, students, while talking with visitors, will present their experience gained abroad. They gained that experience through Erasmus+ KA1 projects.

Date: Croatia, Čakovec, 2019.10.27. - 2019.11.30.

Contact and details:
Gospodarska škola Čakovec
Stunkovic Vesna,, +385 91 537 3650


The main purpose of the activity is to improve the students skills and to use theoretical knowledge in practice, to generate entrepreneurial ideas. There are three parts of this activity. First part will be dactylography competition for our students and participants from local community. The rest activities are two workshops and facebook competition for our students: „Generating new entrepreneurial ideas” and „Presentation of tourist arrangement”.

Carriers of activity are Magdalena Vojak i Katarina Bušić. The product of two workshops will be business plan and ppt presentations published on schools official Facebook page. The followers will choose the winners in both category.

Date: 2019.09.09. - 2019.12.20., Croatia, Požega

Contact and details:
Ekonomska škola Požega, Osječka 33, Požega
Vojak Magdalena,, +385994360605



The fourth edition of the European Vocational Skills Week, as announced by the Commissioner Ms.Marianne Thyssen, will take place from 14-18 October 2019 in Helsinki (Finland).

The third edition of European Vocational Skills Week was officially opened by Commissioner Thyssen today – and for the first time, it is taking place outside of Brussels, with a clear thematic focus: the future of vocational and educational training (VET). The aim is to show the value of VET at all stages in life, be it to obtain an initial qualification or to requalify or retrain later in life as an adult.

We encourage you all to programme some activity and to register it in the DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion website.




The next steps for apprenticeship - registration for general participants is now open!

The joint Cedefop/OECD symposium on apprenticeship (7 October 2019) brings together policy makers, practitioners and researchers from around the world to consider new research exploring the next steps for apprenticeship provision.

OECD Conference Centre, Paris, October 7 2019
Address: 2, rue André Pascal, 75016 Paris

Agenda and confirmed presentations

The following presentations are confirmed:

New apprenticeship arrangements for a new world of work? - Erica Smith, Federation University Australia

The Future of Apprenticeships in Europe: Three Scenarios - Dr. Philipp Grollmann, Federal Institute of Vocational Education, BIBB, Germany and Dr. Jörg Markowitsch, 3s Unternehmensberatung, Vienna, Austria

Arranging relations between the vocational and academic system in a new way – socio-economic trends and their implications for the future of apprenticeships - Prof. Dr. Dieter Euler, University St. Gallen, Switzerland

The development and implementation of a graduate apprenticeship programme – Stewart McKinlay, University of Strathclyde

Going for attractiveness and excellence. A cross-country review of excellence in apprenticeship in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland - Isabelle Le Mouillour, Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training, Germany, Frédéric Berthoud, State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation, Switzerland and Franz Gramlinger, Austrian Reference Point for Quality Assurance in VET, Austria

The Effect of Changing Entrance Requirements for VET Education on Low-Income Students - Shaun M. Dougherty, Vanderbilt University, USA and Jesper Eriksen, Aalborg University, Denmark

Digitalisation of Apprenticeship in Germany – Regina Flake and David Meinhard, German Economic Institute

Innovative learning cultures in apprenticeships in the Swiss telecommunication industry - Antje Barabasch, Swiss Federal Institute of Vocational Education and Training (SFIVET)

Tensions and innovations: the impact on learning of Apprenticeships in ‘non-traditional’ organisational settings - Eleanor Andressen, Pearson, UK
Tertiary education expansion and task demand: Does a rising tide lift all boats? – Tobias Schultheiss, University of Zurich

Participation and registration

Registration for general participants is now open through this link.

As seats available for general participants are limited, we invite you to register quickly. Registrations are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Your registration will be confirmed ONLY when you receive an explicit confirmation by Cedefop staff. Do not proceed to travel arrangements before you get this explicit confirmation by Cedefop staff.

The working language during the symposium will be English. No interpretation will be provided.

Participation will be free of charge.



A unique event, Africa’s largest conference and exhibition on technology supported learning, training and skills development, eLearning Africa is a network of experts, professionals and investors, committed to the future of education in Africa.

Education and technology are changing Africa. They are key elements in the African Union’s 2063 Vision for a “transformed continent.”

14th International Conference & Exhibition on ICT for Education, Training & Skills Development

Sofitel Abidjan Hotel Ivoire
Côte d'Ivoire
23-25 October, 2019

African economies are growing faster than those of Europe or North America. Africa has the world’s youngest population too. So, equipping young Africans with the skills they need to compete is a vital part of ensuring continuing growth in the world’s most exciting continent.

If you want to understand how Africa is changing or to find out how digital learning and educational technology can help you, your organisation or your community, you should be at eLearning Africa.

Over 13 consecutive years, eLearning Africa has hosted 17,278 participants from 100+ countries around the world, with over 80% coming from the African continent. More than 3,530 speakers have addressed the conference about every aspect of technology supported learning, training and skills development.

The conference is held in ENGLISH and FRENCH.

The PROGRAMME includes core dialogues, discovery demos, knowledge exchange sessions, knowledge factories, panel discussions, panel talks, plenary sessions, pre-conference events and poster presentations on specific topics and informal networking opportunities in which practitioners share their experiences, ideas, new information and perspectives.

In the EXHIBITION AREA, leading international eLearning manufacturers, suppliers and service providers present their latest products and services. Most participants see the exhibition as an important meeting point for professional interaction and networking within the conference.

WORKSHOPS, conducted by leading experts and practitioners, precede the event. These small, intensive sessions offer attendees a unique opportunity to acquire new skills and learn about the latest developments.

eLearning Africa is the venue for MINISTERIAL ROUND TABLE, an annual meeting of African ICT and Education ministers, who take part in a day-long discussion of key issues affecting education, training, skills and technology before the official opening of the main conference.

Source: eLearning Africa


The conference will bring together researchers from all related fields to discuss the most recent empirical and theoretical results on this subject.

Organiser: Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB)

The BIBB hosts its second conference on the economics of vocational education and training (VET) on November 7th and 8th 2019 in Siegburg.

Date: 07.11.2019 – 08.11.2019

The labour markets of many industrialised countries are facing extensive technological and demographic changes. Digitalisation, networking, and robotics all transform the world of work and with it the demand for skills and qualifications. This development is accompanied by a decreasing number of young people undertaking vocational training. Instead, school graduates are increasingly pursuing academic qualifications. Furthermore, many regions are struggling to integrate refugees and people with a migration background into the labour market.

Vocational education and training (VET) is often valued for its ability to help young people transition smoothly from education to employment. VET also allows those already employed to adapt to the changing demands of their fields. Despite an increasing amount of research in this area, many questions in the field of the Economics of VET remain unanswered. These questions pertain to both the decision to invest in VET and the outcomes thereof on the individual, firm- and state levels.

Therefore, BIBB organizes a conference to bring together researchers from all fields of research on economics of VET and to discuss the most recent empirical and theoretical research results on this subject.

The official language of the conference is English.

Keynote Speakers

  • Thomas Dohmen (University of Bonn)
  • Gerard Pfann (Maastricht University)
  • Heike Solga (WZB Berlin Social Science Center)
  • Scientific Committee
  • Simon Janssen (IAB - Institute for Employment Research)
  • Samuel Mühlemann (LMU Munich)
  • Harald Pfeifer (BIBB)
  • Wendy Smits (CBS – Statistics Netherlands)
  • Thomas Zwick (JMU Würzburg)


Registration is open between the 15th of August and the 28th of October 2019.

Call for Papers

We encourage the submission of extended abstracts (1000 to 1200 words) or full papers presenting new empirical or theoretical evidence in the field of economics of VET.


Authors are also encouraged to submit their accepted conference papers for publication in a special issue “The Economics of Vocational Education and Training“ of the peer-reviewed journal “Empirical Research in Vocational Education and Training”.




The German Skilled Crafts Performance Championship (PLW) is held annually and organised at Federal level by the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts (ZDH).

It showcases the advantages of in-company training and raises public awareness of the importance of vocational training in the crafts sector. The competition dates back to 1951 and is held in all the over 130 craft professions at up to 4 levels (guild level, Chamber of Crafts level, Land level and Federal level). Entry requirements are grade "Good" in the Chamber exam (Gesellenpruefung) and max. 27 of age. Up to 3,000 young craftsmen take part in a PLW each year, about 800 of them are Land winners and compete on the federal level.

By honouring the best annual VET graduates, the event promotes excellence in the field of VET, increases the attractiveness and prestige of VET, and raises the awareness of the importance of VET.

Date and venue: Germany, Wiesbaden, 2019.12.13.

German Confederation of Skilled Crafts (ZDH)
Mohrenstraße 20/21, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Contact and details:
Voss Hendrik,, +49 30 20619 307



A Cedefop study is analysing in-depth how key competences were integrated and promoted in VET, in the period 2011-2019. The study focuses on three key competences: literacy, languages and digital.

The workshop Key competences in initial vocational education and training: digital, literacy and multilingual will share and discuss the results of the study with more than 50 participants including policy makers (mainly from national authorities), the European Commission, ETF, UNESCO and researchers.

It will also be an opportunity to identify challenges and remedies in implementing policies supporting key competences and define questions/topics that stakeholders would like Cedefop to provide evidence on in the future.


19-20 September 2019

Event Contacts:

Mr Dmitrijs Kulss, Expert

Mr Iraklis Pliakis, Expert

Chryssa Zekou, Assistant




The "Night of Professions" became the largest VET promotion program in Hungary. Every program in one day in 161 cities in Hungary. The visitors can try the different professions and trades.

Festival „Night of professions” aims at the promotion of vocational education and training with presenting VET as a real and attractive option in Hungary.

Through this new way of communication, people to whom this field has been completely unknown could be reached.

Our goals:

Repositioning vocational training and education and trades in the eyes of the people,
1. Instead of being a compulsory programme, it should “feel like a festival”
2. To present amusingly things that are considered to be “dry”
3. To present VET as a real and attractive option
4. Reaching, through new ways of communication, those people to whom this field has been completely unknown (e.g. families).
5. Trying out: do it in order to become familiar with it!

Date: April 2020

Contact and details:
Dávid Rozványi,, +36305148587


This event gives a chance for primary school students in Somogy region to visit enterprises from 14th to 18th of October 2019 and gather information about different vocation/professions from a real work perspective. We are willing to promote VET and increase primary students’ interest towards vocations.

Hungary, Somogy county (Barcs, Nagyatád), 2019.10.14. - 2019.10.18.

Somogy Megyei Kormányhivatal Barcsi Járási Hivatal Foglalkoztatási Osztály


An introductory day for pre-carreer students, where students can learn about different professions, their tools, practical training and opportunities offered by our company. Our partner companies are participating in the professional open day, presenting current and future work equipment, technologies and processes. Pupils get to know a practical training site where the latest technologies are used. Helps them to make decisions about their choice of profession and about dual training.

Date: 2019.10.03,
Hungary, Tiszalök

Details: Hot & Cold Therm Ltd.
Hungary, Tiszalök, Honvéd street 19.
István Aleva,, +36304365808


By organizing the Career Day we are willing to help pupils, students on their career decision making process. This information and networking day gives a chance to promote VET, hear the latest news on developments in career information, and training programs in secondary schools, and services linking schools and employers. Parents and teachers can also get hands-on with vocational education system, apprenticeship and scholarships.

"SzakMÁzz!" 2019 Pályaválasztási Kiállítás, Hungary, Budapest
2019.10.08. - 2019.10.09

Budapest Főváros Kormányhivatala Foglalkoztatási Főosztály


This event gives a chance for primary school students in Miskolc region to visit enterprises from 1st of October to 30th of November 2019 and gather information about different vocation/profession from a real work perspective.

Date: 2019.10.01. - 2019.11.30.
Hungary, Miskolc

We are willing to promote VET and increase primary students’ interest towards vocations.

Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén Megyei Kormányhivatal Foglalkoztatási Főosztály


Career guidance festival for technical professions

The aim of the festival is to present and promote technical professions in an interactive way for young people who are before makig career decisions. The festival is hosted by celebrities who are popular with young people and the enterprises offer a thematic approach (driving electric cars) to present associated professions and the high-tech equipment used.

The students will find answers for the following 3 questions: What are you interested in? In what professions are these used? Where can I learn this profession?

Technical professions include the following sectors: power electronics and low-power electronics, telecommunication, engineering, chemical industry, information technology.


Budapest, 2019.09.24. - 2019.09.25.
Miskolc, 2019.10.02.
Pécs, 2019.10.16.
Győr, 2019.11.06.
Szeged, 2019.11.13.
Debrecen, 2019.11.27.



The importance of dual system

Industry and Vocational Training 4.0 Strategy conference. Modern practical training for industry, Innovation in mechanical engineering. The goal of this conference day is to connect the dual vocational education to participators, to show the influencing role of industry on the dual vocational education system.

This professional day is a good chance to show the importance of a valuable vocational education.

2019.10.16. - Hungary, Budapest

Budapest Machinery Vocational Center



Apprentices, employers, schools and training providers from across Worcestershire will be celebrated with a record attendance of 360 people set to attend. Now in their Sixth year, the Worcestershire Apprenticeship Awards have gone from strength to strength and really showcases Worcestershire's best.

Apprenticeship Awards Ceremony
14 Nov 2019 06:00 PM
DY12 1LF
West Midland Safari Park
Spring Grove Rd
Bewdley DY12 1LF

You can find out more on the Worcestershire Apprenticeships website here:



Come and hear from a panel of apprentices and employers from the automotive & logistics sector over breakfast.

We have the likes of Cardinal Maritime, Arnold Clark and former Audi managers giving their take on how apprentices can succeed in this industry.

Apprenticeship Information Session

31 Dec 2019 08:00 AM
M24 1RU
Mantra Learning Middleton
Manchester M24 1RU

Source: Mantra Learning, Enabling People to Transform Business


The Apprenticeships Conference 2020 will offer national policy updates and leading insights into the delivery of effective apprenticeship programmes which meet the needs of apprentices and employers. Delegates attending will hear from key experts in successfully meeting apprenticeship standards, forming high quality relationships between providers and employers and designing and implementing apprenticeship schemes which ensure outstanding skills development.

This conference is open to all those responsible for the design and delivery of apprenticeship schemes including Further and Higher Education Providers, Local Authorities and all Apprenticeship Employers.

Date: April 2020

Source and details: