The Work Based Learning (WBL) Observatory Network in the Danube region

The WBL Observatory is a transnational network of VET promotion organisations founded by the Danubian WBL partners in order to promote WBL in VET and to serve the transition process of VET with professional services. The national branches of the WBL Observatory are to deliver information on WBL, organise marketing activities of good practices and services in WBL and provide study visit opportunities to partner countries.

Work-based Learning (WBL)

The term WBL cannot be clearly distinguished from other terms used to refer to practice-based learning in a work context; several close (and interchangeable) synonyms are found in the literature, including employment-based learning, on-the-job training, enterprise-based learning and, in some contexts, workplace learning.

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Learning by Doing

The project “Learning by Doing” aims to develop a Vocational Education and Training (VET) framework to better serve the labour market needs in the Danube region. The project aims to improve the capacities of all relevant VET actors through reinforcing regional, national and transnational partnerships in order to ease the transition of existing VET systems towards Work-Based Learning (WBL).

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WBL Observatory Network

The mission of the Network is to promote WBL forms of professional learning in Danubian countries and boost knowledge exchange among all VET partners in the region. The Network focuses on the enhancement of the prestige of VET among parents via spreading forms of professional orientation and carrier building.

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